My story - Svetlana Eduardovna Nehai. Director


In the first part of my first story, I’ve described how I came up to this business and how I work. A year later, for now, I have reached the maximum percentage from sales for my work and received the status of Structural Director at Faberlic. My salary is 8,000 UAH per month and it continues to grow.

How I became the Director in Faberlic

In October 2015, together with my group, I've reached the Director's turnover (3000 points) and I’m steadily keeping this level for six months. It turns out that during a month we sell products worth about 6,000 euros. But before this I was walking around for several weeks with a catalogue in my bag and could not collect even a single order. The problem was that I didn't take out the catalogue from my bag :).

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Three methods to get 50 points in Faberlic

Faberlic company operates in different countries and sells products in various currencies. Your registration ID number in Faberlic is universal. You can place orders in any country where Faberlic is officially operating, while retaining participation in all promotions. It is also possible to build a business in Faberlic throughout the world. Therefore, for accounting of the value of all orders within the company, a common unit is used - a point.
Value of a point in Faberlic
A point in Faberlic has 2 meanings and two values (even three;))

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