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Several ways to save your family budget

What you have saved can be easilyconsidered as your earnings.

How to save money properly without prejudice of your needs?

Denying yourself the pleasure it is not the right way to save money. If you want to buy a red lipstick, but you think: "Okay, I'll better save some money, because I already have a brown one." Such economy will not make you content and eventually won't save you money as it may seem at first glance.
Buy whatever you want, but with a discount, during a promotion, get it as a gift or buy this product later, but cheaper - that's the proper saving. Take part in special offers. Another good way to save money is to consult with specialists. For example, a client wants to get rid of age-related changes in the shape of the face - saggy skin, wrinkles and skin fatigue. Client, independently, will choose all products that are aimed at reducing wrinkles. Day and night creams that are not suitable for her age, serums, masks - a whole complex. But it is better to consult a beauty consultant and to buy only one face and neck cream "Face Lift" (art. 1078) which is suitable to fight this problem. As a result, you spend less, and the skin becomes perfect.
Upon registration at Faberlic you will be assigned a personal consultant who will prompt you the necessary products for free. So there is no need to spend money on paid consultations. This is the third way to save money without losing the quality of the service. You can get any product from the catalogue as a gift. To do this, you need to sell 5 of these items to your friends. For example, you want to buy a mascara. Call your girlfriends and talk them into buying this mascara. If you have already signed up for a discount at Faberlic, you can order, using your 20% discount, 5of such mascaras for your friends, who will payfor it at the price of the catalogue. Then for the difference in price you can get the desired mascara for free.

Start making money by saving your budget now!

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