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My story - Svetlana Eduardovna Nehai. Director

nehay svetlanaIn the first part of my first story, I’ve described how I came up to this business and how I work. A year later, for now, I have reached the maximum percentage from sales for my work and received the status of Structural Director at Faberlic. My salary is 8,000 UAH per month and it continues to grow.

How I became the Director in Faberlic

In October 2015, together with my group, I've reached the Director's turnover (3000 points) and I’m steadily keeping this level for six months. It turns out that during a month we sell products worth about 6,000 euros. But before this I was walking around for several weeks with a catalogue in my bag and could not collect even a single order. The problem was that I didn't take out the catalogue from my bag :). However, if you work properly, then the turnover will grow every day. Since I've managed to succeed, you will too. Join us and I will tell you how to reach a good result.

The secret of success was noticed by my daughter, who was 4 years old at that time. She said: “Mom, I know why you became a Director, while others did not. Because you worked when it were necessary, rather than playing with me." At first I was scared, maybe my child thought that I spent not enough time with her. It turned out - no. We've talked. And she explained how delighted she was that I could earn a lot of money and take her to any attractions, buy whatever she wanted and spend weekends just with her.

nehay sveta

What I'm trying to say. There is one of the main keys to success which I’ve used to achieve this result. At work - work, during rest - rest. If you have dedicated your day to work, then you need to do it productively, and not be distracted by trifles. Especially if you work from home. And if you've decided to go for a walk with your child, then devote this time exclusively to him, without being distracted by TV, etc. For a child, even 15 minutes spent exclusively with him will give more happiness than even a whole day with his parents at home, but when everyone's busy doing their own thing.

And the second key to success is: reach with all your might to a new level in your life. There is a good example in network marketing. Although each person has had similar situations in life. For example, your group earned 2900 points. For this you will receive 19%. If you strive now and make additional sales worth 100 points, then for the entire volume of sales, you will receive 23%. It is worth thinking not only that you will earn more now, but that you can loose 4% for your work. And this is not a small amount. Striving for more, you will always go up in life.

Thanks to these two rules, I've reached the first rank. Next time I will write you about my system of new Directors already in a precious rank.

Welcome to my team https://faberlic.com/register?sponsornumber=700396807&lang=en&r=1000042562399 

Svetlana Eduardovna Nehai (Melitopol, Ukraine)

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