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My story - Victoria Symonenko

simonenko viktoriaMy name is Victoria Symonenko, I'm 26 years old now. My first acquaintance with the Faberlic company happened in my childhood. For some reason, I was always fascinated by an advertisement in which a beautiful girl applied a cream on her face. There are many such advertisements on TV, but only this one attracted me.

A few years later, my sister gave me as a present a coconut and chocolate shower gel and told me that it can be only purchased on order. The gel was just magical and when it ran out, we couldn't find that consultant to order it again. Therefore, an advise for everyone: leave your coordinates to all of your buyers. Of course, over time, all this was forgotten.

I completed my studies and got a job. But still, something was missing, and then fate again gave me a sign where my place in life was. I found an advertisement for a make-up course that took place at the Faberlic service center (SC). There I was told about the opportunity to register and start working on building a network, but at that moment I decided that it was not for me and just decided to take products at a discount. By the time I completed the courses I understood that I didn't like my job any more (I worked at a bakery), but this was understandable, because when I got to Faberlic, I found myself in a new world.

And again fate helped me, Faberlic service center was looking for a storekeeper, and after a few days of internship I became the “mistress of magic jars,” as I was sometimes jokingly called. Here I recalled the advertisement that attracted me in the childhood and my favorite shower gel, which, unfortunately, was no longer on sale. From that moment on, my life has changed. While working in Faberlic, I found friends for whom I am very grateful to fate. I met new people who gradually made changes in my life. By communicating and working with leaders and directors, I realized that starting a business with Faberlic - it's easy. And I have been following this path for 2 years now.

If you want to join my team, please register using the link: https://faberlic.com/register?sponsornumber=700396807&lang=en&r=1000042562399

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