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My story - Svetlana Nehai (website creator)

My name is Svetlana, I am 28 years old, I have a daughter -  she is 4 years old. I live in the city of Melitopol. As for the beginning of 2015 my structural status in Faberlic - senior vice director. My passive income is about 3,000 UAH a month and it is increasing.

How I started working in the network business

nehay svetlana7 years ago I got a job as a computer typing operator in the Faberlic center. At that time, I had a private business, which brought me a small additional passive income (a clothes stand in the market). After 3 years, having climbed the career ladder, I became the head of my own Faberlic representative office in Melitopol, Ukraine. But no matter how much I was convinced by colleagues, I did not want to be seriously engaged in the direct sales (network) business. Although I saw that people earned 10 times more thanks to this business, than the average income in our town was.
4 years before, in 2011, my daughter was 3 months old at that time, I was faced with a question: “How can I make money?”. It so happened that my usual income decreased, I was on maternity leave, there were not enough money even for food, and there was no one to help. And then I thought how to make a lot of money, but at the same time to be close to the child, to open such business so that profits grow every year, and as the result it'll become my passive income. Having experience in various fields, I came to the conclusion that only building a structure in Faberlic (network business) will take me out of the finance crisis. I began to work actively.

How I work

And I made the right decision, after a month I've already achieved the first results, and after six months my earnings equaled average salary in the town. Actively working, in 2 years I managed to get a good income. I know how I can earn much more than I get at the moment, but right now my goal is precisely a passive income - although many argue that direct selling can become a passive income. And I know for sure, from my own experience, that it is possible to do practically nothing and receive money every 3 weeks. In short, you need to assemble a team of 3-5 professional managers.
When people decide to start earning money, many are frightened by the word "network", since some not decent companies hid pyramid schemes under this word and deceived people. But if you understand the very meaning of direct sales (from producer to consumer without intermediaries) and take into account that consultants are paid money instead of spending them on TV advertising and other ordinary expenses, then everything falls into place. I have a higher economic education, so when choosing a company, I always search an answer to the question "Where does the company get its profit and money for salaries?"
Business with Faberlic - it's reliable. And the network business is a business of new technologies and the future belongs to it. Join my team and I will tell you how you can earn the desirable amount https://faberlic.com/register?sponsornumber=700396807&lang=en&r=1000042562399

 A year later ... (click here to read the continuation)

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