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Work and life during maternity leave

rabotamamThe birth of a child is, undoubtedly, a joyful moment in the life of every family. Only a man does not need to radically change his life, but a woman…. In my life everything has changed fundamentally, from the daily schedule to my appearance. I had to change my style of clothing to a more comfortable sporty style, to pin up my hair more often and to sleep when I had a chance. But still, I really wanted to be myself and to have an opportunity for development.Even before going on a maternity leave, I knew that I would work even when I'll have a baby. Not because I had such an urgent need to earn money, but because in other way I could simply have gone crazy. After all, changing your lifestyle so abruptly and cardinally - it is very difficult. I had no one to leave the child with. So, the job had to be with a free schedule and from home. Where can you find it? After searching the internet, I made a list of things I could do.

Work options for mothers on maternity leave:

  1. Call center operator
  2. Typesetting
  3. Translator
  4. Video blogger
  5. Nanny (private kindergarten)
  6. Tutor
  7. Makeup artist, hairdresser, etc.
  8. Confectioner
  9. Creation of souvenirs and hand-made items
  10. Drawing portraits
  11. Embroidery
  12. Knitting and sewing
  13. Network Marketing
  14. Breeding and sales of plants
  15. Soap making

And so on, this list can be continued for a long while. It all depends on your skills, hobbies and desires. !!!!! Choose thoughtfully. !!!! Too many people want to gain profit without doing anything !!!!!
Some time ago, I was making headbands, boutonnieres and hairpins. It's like my little hobby and sometimes it brings me money.
I have also always loved flowers. But sufficient time must be provided to look after them. While on maternity leave, I was able to arrange a garden and to have many flowers inside the house. These were mainly orchids (more than 20 varieties) and violets (more than 50 varieties). But network marketing at Faberlic became my main job.

I'll tell you about the pros in this job for me:

  • As I've already said, it's - free schedule. I work whenever I want to, even at night.
  • Terms of cooperation with the company. After registration, you will be provided with an ID number and password to enter your personal online profile. Through it, you will be able to place an order, choose a convenient pick-up point, pay and then receive it.
  • Assortment. Sometimes there is no spare time for shopping, but in the Faberlic catalogue I can find everything I need.
  • Payoffs. Salary every three weeks.
  • Bonuses. Additional discounts, sales and promotions for consultants only.
  • Gifts for accumulated bonus points and also for participating in promotions.
  • Additional benefits for VIP consultants. 70% discount on products, registration of new customers from the company, discount on test samples and catalogues.
  • Work on the Internet without leaving your house. You just need a computer and the Internet.
  • Meet new people. There are always new consultants and clients appearing with whom it is pleasant to communicate.

For me, these are the main advantages of working for Faberlic. Thanks to them, I can devote enough time to my family and home. And also I can work while traveling. Faberlic discount program is valid in many countries and you don't need to register in it again.

Job vacancy for mums on maternity leave

It's easy to join my team and me. Fill out the registration form at the link https://faberlic.com/register?sponsornumber=700396807&lang=en&r=1000042562399 and I will contact you. I'll tell you in detail about the work during the maternity leave.

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