Several ways to save your family budget

What you have saved can be easilyconsidered as your earnings.
Denying yourself the pleasure it is not the right way to save money. If you want to buy a red lipstick, but you think: "Okay, I'll better save some money, because I already have a brown one." Such economy will not make you content and eventually won't save you money as it may seem at first glance.

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Extra income at Faberlic

In terms of financial literacy, the more types of income a person has, the better. Additional income at Faberlic is a convenient form of earnings that anyone from the age of 14 can receive.

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My story - Svetlana Nehai (website creator)

My name is Svetlana, I am 28 years old, I have a daughter -  she is 4 years old. I live in the city of Melitopol. As for the beginning of 2015 my structural status in Faberlic - senior vice director. My passive income is about 3,000 UAH a month and it is increasing.

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How to get + 400 euros in addition to your regular income with Faberlic

We all wash up, use make up, use detergents for cleaning, wear clothes and accessories. And we spend a lot of money on all these goods that are used in everyday life. Most often, people make purchases in shops, markets, supermarkets, boutiques and after that they have nothing to do with the money spent. But we are talking about hundreds of thousands of euros.
We all know that wholesale buyers are usually offered discounts. Now imagine that you are paid not only for choosing a certain company and being a its regular customer, but also for recommending it to your friends. Now I will clearly show in numbers how much you can earn on this.

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Consultant in Faberlic – job review

Consultant inFaberlic - who isitexactly? Andwhat does he do? A distinction is made between a beauty consultant whohimself sells cosmetics by catalogue, anda consultant who works withthe clients already registered inFaberlic (thosewhoalreadyhavea discount inthecompany). InthisarticleIwill describe indetailwhattheprofessional job ofa second typeof consultant is.

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My story - Victoria Symonenko


My name is Victoria Symonenko, I'm 26 years old now. My first acquaintance with the Faberlic company happened in my childhood. For some reason, I was always fascinated by an advertisement in which a beautiful girl applied a cream on her face. There are many such advertisements on TV, but only this one attracted me.

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Types of income with Faberlic: from additional to main

Faberlic provides an opportunity to earn money for each of its customers. This can be either additional income or discounts that help to save your budget, or the main business that brings the desired profit. The advantage of such activity is a flexible schedule. You choose yourself how long, when and how you want to work, depending on how much you want to earn.

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Online business - income available to everyone

Scientific progress does not stand still. Now computers, tablets, smart phones are no longer a novelty; the main asset of mankind is the Internet. 10 years ago, not that many couldn't afford it, but couldn't even imagine the possibilities of modern gadgets. With the popularity of the Internet, human life is also changing.
Now most of the communication takes place online, purchases are made via the Internet, which is much more convenient. With the new needs of people and the possibilities of technology, a new type of entrepreneurship has appeared - Internet business online. And although this type of income is already very popular, not everyone uses it. And the money is in front of us.

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Business for women

Modern world tendencies dictate new rules to us. Today every woman should be independent. Not be dependent on finances, people, government, job. Therefore, more and more women are starting to do business. When a woman has her own business, she is more successful, confident, inspired, purposeful and cheerful. So which business is right for women? Can anyone, who is willing, be engaged in commercial activities and what needs to be done for this?

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