Beauty has tremendous power. Create it yourself

Beautiful appearance amazingly affects the owner herself and surrounding people. I will tell you about one example from my life. When I'm going on a trip somewhere, I always put on a good makeup (almost evening makeup). In other words, I turn myself into a beauty. And it works magically. The fact that a beautiful reflection in the mirror gives self-confidence is certainly good. But what beauty does to the people around us is excellent.
Almost always men show some leniency towards me, although they are in the workplace. It can be a smile at the customs house and a quick serve without any questions, my bags are never checked. Also I'm provided with the most convenient seat in the car for the long journey, or concede on the price, or immediate agree to my conditions and other pleasant moments. Most of all I was surprised when I got a lift by border guards who could not do this at work and no one expected this from them. At the same time, they did not take a fellow traveler who walked near me the same long way.

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Beauty secrets from Faberlic. Face care

Secrets for a beautiful face. Healthy, well-groomed, beautiful skin is the key to beauty without makeup and a great base for a perfect make-up. With Faberlic oxygen cosmetics, you can easily provide yourself a salon care at home. At the beginning, it is important to know what type of skin you have and what problems bother you.

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Being happy is easy! Gather female energy

Being happy it’s simple and possible for every girl. A lady is happy when she is full of feminine energy. In this state you are beautiful, you feel comfortable, at ease, pleased and, to put it in one word - happy. “Her eyes are shining” - this means that her vessel of female energy is full. Men always dance attendance on such ladies. A stronger half of humanity "feeds" on female energy, so they choose their chosen ones among those women who are already happy.

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