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Perfect bathroom with the help of FABERLIC

A universal bathroom cleaner (art.11220) is intended not only for cleaning tiles and dalle, but also for removing dirt from sinks, faucets and taps, and of course for washing shower cabins. The universal cleaner by Faberlic is number one assistant in the fight with dirt in your bathroom, as it can easily handle with soap scum, lime scale and even rust. Thanks to the special strong acid, which is the basis of the сomposition formula, all grime can be removed easily, without scratching and damaging the surface and without much effort.

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Pour Toujours - forever!

Perfume for woman is like a second dress. It is difficult to choose, because it’s always with you as a partner for life. A well-chosen fragrance gives self-confidence. Surely everyone has several perfumes on the dressing table, applied according to the mood or the weather outside the window...  But there is always the most favorite, the one and only.  Which you will not change for any other and will always buy another one when it finishes.

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What does the united company Faberlic produce

Initially, Faberlic produced a limited line of skin care creams. However, it was not just a regular skin care cosmetics, but products that give skin a second breath. These creams contain unique ingredients that can deliver oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin. Such cosmetics is called oxygen and is produced only by Faberlic.

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Easy washing. Use effective stain removers

Tired of gray clothes? You don’t believe that snow-white clothes can look like new, after prolonged wear? Old stains prevent you from enjoying your favorite outfits? From now on you can forget about laundry worries.

How to make laundry easy and effective

With Faberlic Home series you won't "be afraid" of dirty clothes. Any stain will be removed, and various contaminants will be cleaned, thanks to the premium products of Faberlic.

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BB-cream - is a present of the XXI century

It's simple to look beautiful and natural. Our face is the basis of this task. No matter how perfect the condition of our skin is, there are always some flaws that we would like to hide. Even out your skin tone, remove redness, hide puffiness or dark circles under the eyes, mask a pimple, make your face matte and remove the oily shine. To deal with these problems, tons of foundation cream and face powder are most often used. Which leads to a non-natural reflection in the mirror and the impression from an outside perspective that you are wearing a mask. Some girls on the contrary don't use makeup. However, the task of an even complexion remains open.

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How to get rid of pimples

Such unpleasant moments, as pimples appearance, can occur not only in puberty, but also in the age of 25, 30 years and older. One day a lot of such pimple inflammations emerged on my face. I was 27 years old then. Of course, it was both painful and unpleasant. Nothing helped, they did not come off. I went to a dermatologist. They call this skin disease - ACNE. My doctor prescribed me an pharmacological antibiotic ointment. He told me to use it for one month.Within a couple of weeks, this ointment burned my skin so much that it was simply unbearable to endure. But pimples did not disappear…
And then Faberlic rescue me.

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Clean stoves and ovens with the help of Faberlic

We present to your attention one of the wonderful productsby Faberlic - a cleaner for stoves and ovens (art. 11119). It perfectly copes with any difficulties. Grease, burnt or dried grime - all this simply dissolves before our eyes.
Now you do not need to scratch the stove with a metal sponge or spend a lot of time and effort on washing the stove. All you need to get a the crystal-clear purity of a microwave, oven, stove is to perform several simple steps.

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