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Massage is always pleasant and good for the health. The most effective type of massage is acupuncture. This massage method came from the East. But you don't always have opportunity to visit a massage therapist and, especially,have an acupuncture procedure. On the other hand, you can always find time to devote few minutes to your health when you're at home. Therefore, devices for home massage are gaining more and more popularity. Manufacturers have developed many varieties of them. For example: mechanical, roller, electric, manual, etc. it may take a long time to list them all.

How to get rid of back pain

spinaFaberlic has released a massage mat, or rather, an Acupuncture massage roller (article: 910012).
Usage of this roller improves blood circulation. This type of massage relieves tension in the muscles, due to this the pain goes away.
It can be used both for back and feet massage.
Size: 38x14x9 cm.
The roller has a cotton fabric base with spikes sewn onto it and a foam-rubber inside.
It is recommended for use before bedtime for relaxation, to relieve tension and fatigue.
According to customer reviews: it helps very well after hard physical work, useful for schoolchildren, students, as well as for office workers. Very helpful thing after gardening.

Life Story: I was distributing Faberlic catalogues, I’ve put them into the mailboxes of the houses closest to the office. Of course, I wrote office contacts in them. On the next day, elderly lady came and said that she wanted suchmassage roller. Surely, I ordered and delivered it to her. The next day she came again and brought 5 other grannies with her and all of them also wanted such roller. It turned out she tried it herself and told her friends about it. So now grannies don't suffer from back pain. ))))

After such an effect, I ordered one for my parents also.
Do you want the same roller for your family? Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
And if you want to receive a discount for a purchase and a gift, follow the registration link for self-registration in my structure
You can also place an order and get a consultation by writing me a message at WhatsApp or Viber +380632882585

May you and your family be healthy.

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