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Seductive lips with Faberlic lipsticks

In the creation of a beautiful make-up, lips play an important role. With the help of lipstick, you can make the sensual, passionate, tenderimage. Due to the shade of the lipstick, you can not only draw attention to your lips, but also make people listen to you. For this, bright and dark colors of lipsticks are used. This "trick" is recommended for teachers, lecturers, speakers.

Review of Faberlic lipsticks

There are many types of lipsticks which differ not only in color and quality, but also in their functional purpose. In the summer of 2020 Faberlic lipsticks are represented by the following lines:

  1. Lipstick "Hydra Lips"
  2. Satin lipstick "Shine in Colour"
  3. Long-Lasting lipstick "Stay On"
  4. Moisturizing lipstick “Absolute Moisture”
  5. Pearly lipstick “3D kiss”
  6. Lipstick "Absolute Volume"
  7. Semi-Matte lipstick "Ovation"
  8. Semi-Matte lipstick "Soft Autumn"
  9. Lipstick Balm "Keep Balm"
  10. Long Lasting Lip Marker
  11. Liquid Matte Lipstick "Stay. True"

Lipstick "Hydra Lips"


"Hydra Lips" lipstick materialis purchased at the factory, which produces decorative cosmetics for such global brands as L'Oreal, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Chanel and so on. Then it is packaged at the Faberlic's own factory. Due to this, the consumer price is much lower, but with the superior star quality at the same time.
Any shade of Faberlic "Hydra Lips" lipstick gives the impression that it is your natural lip color. It coats lips softly, evenly, leaves no marks, has a light pearly effect, and also has a lip skin care effect. It is so comfortable with this lipstick on, that you don't have a sensation of makeup on your lips. Sophisticated design, excellent quality - everything corresponds to the VIP product for VIP persons.
In order to appreciate the quality of Faberlic makeup products, you should try the "Glam Team" and "Secret story" collections.

Satin lipstick “Shine in Colour”

shine en

“Shine in Colour” lipstick resembles the previous line, but it has a number of features. It is creamy, ideal for dry lips. Covers the lips with thin layer, which makes the impression that it is translucent. However, after a minute it densely fills the entire surface. Due to this, even the brightest shades don't seem too flashy on the lips. It has only one downside. During the hot weather, the lipstick (stick) itself may melt a little. It is recommended to use lipstick in cool seasons of the year or to store it in the refrigerator.
The name "Shine in Colour" speaks for itself. This Faberlic lipstick is pearly and very shiny.

Long-Lasting lipstick "Stay On"

stay en

Long-Lasting lipstick is primarily characterized by amazingly durable formula, which will last for the whole day. The most pleasant reviews of Faberlic “Stay On” lipstick is that hair, grains of sand and so on do not stick to it. It leaves no trace on dishes, clothes and after a kiss. Lipstick will remain immaculate even after swimming in the pool.
All shades are matte and full color. The texture of the lipstick is a bit dry. If the lips are not sufficiently moisturized, it is recommended to use a balm previously or permanently. The “Stay On” lipstick is perfect for everyday and corporate makeup.

Moisturizing lipstick “Absolute Moisture”

absolute moisture en

Often, women want to moisturize their lips. The universal lipstick "Absolute Moisture" was created to do this. This Faberlic lipstick is most suitable for people, who don't like to use extra balms or to spend time on this. It provides full-coverage and hides all imperfections. One layer is enough. This lipstick has a light pearly effect and creates impeccable contour that doesn't spread. Most of the shades in this line are muted, which suits well for daytime makeup and for makeup for older women.

Pearly lipstick “3D kiss”

3d en

“3D kiss” pearly lipstick is similar to a lip-gloss. It is translucent, lies in a thin layer, covering every unevenness. For a more accurate color, apply the second layer.
It has the brightest nacreous effect from the entire Faberlic collection. Due to this, the lips look a little bigger than they are. Each color is vibrant and intriguing. When applied, there is a slight sense of stickiness. Recommended for use in evening and summer makeup.

"Absolute Volume" Lipstick

volume en

Visually adds volume to the lips. The effect is achieved with the help of light-reflective particles. The color in the stick 100% matches the color on the lips. Fully covers the lips, hides all imperfections (roughness, spots). The price range is not high.
It has a creamy texture and simple, but modern design. This Faberlic lipstick, according to reviews and the number of sales, is very popular. It applies very well from the first layer, which provides a bright color.

Semi-Matte lipstick "Ovation"


Rich colors and semi-matte texture will give you a perfect smile, worthy of a standing ovation!
Semi-Matte lipstick "Ovation" not only brings an exclusive color to the lips, but also makes the skin soft and velvety, creating a smooth and even coating.

Ultra-comfortable, lightweight and paraben free texture.
Does not dry the skin.
Does not roll into wrinkles.
Saturated shades.
Semi-matte texture.
Smooth finish.
Has a handy mirror on the cap.

Semi-Matte lipstick "Soft Autumn"

semi matte

This lipstick is similar to the previous one, however, this line is more affordable. Most of the shades are muted, has many natural colors which are now in trend. Provides very alluring effect. Stylish packaging. Weight - 4.2 gr - a little more than in other lipsticks.

Lipstick Balm "Keep Balm"

keep balm

A feature of the Faberlic company is the use of Novaftem, oxygen cosmetics. The company's goal is taking care of the skin. Decorative cosmetics is not an exception. Even though lipstick does not remain forever and only a creates external image for several hours, Faberlic's lipstick balm "Keep Balm" will take care of the skin and nourish the lips. It will “work” for a good lip skin condition, like a lip balm, and, like lipstick, it will help to please others with the the beautiful external look.

A little more than just a lipstick

Long Lasting Lip Marker

marker en

Imagine a marker with which you can draw on your lips. This is a new invention in the decorative cosmetics industry. The sensations and effect from it are very different from the lipsticks and lip glosses. The biggest advantages are that it is a long-wear lip marker, leaves no traces on the dishes, and also provides a non-sticky coverage. Lips should be in a good condition. Recommendations for application: scrub lips, apply lip balm and after a few minutes apply the Faberlic lip marker. There are 4 shades in the line for a bright makeup look.

Liquid Matte Lipstick "Stay. True"

true en

This is the new generation product of Glam Team series from Faberlic. The consistency of lipstick is similar to the lip gloss and it is applied with an applicator. However, after the lipstick absorbs, it will become matte and the sensation on the lips will be different from the lip gloss. Try our novelty products and see for yourself what suits you best.

A little secret for you

To make any lipstick last longer and without leaving traces in undesirable places, it should be applied this way:

  1. Outline the lip contour with lip pencil.
  2. Apply the first layer of lipstick with a special brush.
  3. After a few seconds, blot lips on a tissue.
  4. Apply a second layer of lipstick.
  5. Blot lips on a dry tissue again .

Make your lips even more seductive with lipsticks from Faberlic!

To get a 20% off purchase, apply for a discount. Enjoy your shopping!

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