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How to cheerfully teach children about personal hygiene

Children are the joy of life. What a blessing when they are healthy and smiling.

Every mother takes care of her child and therefore often says such phrases:

  • Wash your hands with the soap before meal and after a walk.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • You have to bath to be clean.
  • Don't eat on the street, you have germs on your hands.

And this list can be continued for a long time.

I wish that children would do all this on first demand, and even better by themselves and with pleasure. However, this is not always the case. They can wash their hands without the soap or you just won’t force them to take a bath.

But, there's a way out. Now children will have fun during maintaining personal hygiene. I've experienced this firsthand with my 5-year-old daughter. The children's cosmetics collection by Faberlic came to the rescue.

Liquid soap for children (article 2388)




Liquid soap "Raspberry Kitty" has a strong pleasant scent, like a child's fruit chewing gum, and a bright raspberry color. It is gentle and soft, and your kid will want to rub the soap all over the palms. These qualities affect children to hurry up to wash their hands. This is fascinating for kids, so they begin to wash their hands more often. A cute cat on the label allows you to turn a normal process into a game. After all, children have such a well-developed imagination. And what satisfies your child the most is that he has his own soap. This is so important for him, he considers himself more mature, therefore - more independent. And here the following reflex starts to work: the child goes to wash his hands without reminder from his parents.




Bath foam for kids (art. 2357)


The foam is quite dense and lasts throughout the bathing process. Light scent of fruit candy will create a pleasant atmosphere.

Also in Faberlic there is a 2-in-1 bath and shower gel-foam “Mango Kitty”.

Wet wipes (art. 2440)

 salfetkiChildren often want to eat something during the walk, in a place where there is no opportunity to wash their hands with soap. Wet wipes for children will help to clean their delicate hands. Fun pictures on the packages will interest the child to use wet wipes more often.

Toothpaste "Techno Kids" (articles 2441, 2442, 2358, 2359)


After I bought a Faberlic toothpaste for my daughter, she wanted to brush her teeth as often as possible. She started to create her own cocktails with toothpastes, mixing different typeson the toothbrush. All 4 types of toothpastes have an inviting smell and give a pleasant feeling. Their most important advantage is gentle and effective care for milk teeth.

Hair Detangling Spray (art. 2346)

girlHave you ever seen your child crying while being combed? It can manifest from simple "Ouch-ouch-ouch" to the real tears. In any case, it's unpleasant to see. Do you want the hair to be combed easily, not tangled into knots, the hairs don't electrify and are pleasant to the touch? Use "Raspberry Kitty" Hair Detangling Spray. Shake the bottle before use,the liquid of two colors will turn into a new color. This will allow a child to plunge into the world of magic. I also recommend using a hair brush with natural bristles.

With the help of Faberlic, children will learn about personal hygiene in a playful and fun way. And for parents it will be easier to bring up and to take care for their children.

You can buy any Faberlic products with a 20% off right now after a quick online registration.

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