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Faberlic similar to the branded perfumes

Famous French perfumers create fragrances for Faberlic. Namely: Pierre Bourdon, Emilie Coppermann, Delphine Lebeau, Bertrand Duchaufour, Tom Fontaine and others.

These masters of world perfumery have also created and are still creating perfumes for famous fashion houses. Perhaps that is why Faberlic perfumes have so many scents that are similar to fragrances of famous brands.

So, for example, Pierre Bourdon’s masterpiece “Cool Water” by Davidoff for women is similar to “Kaori" by Faberlic for women. Guess, who created the “Kaori" fragrance? Right, it was also Pierre Bourdon.

Of course, not in all cases, the same perfumer worked on similar fragrances. However, there are identical notes or the mood, the direction in general and the art of French masters that these perfumes convey, which allows us to say that some scents are similar to others. But! You must understand that there are no identical analogues of specific fragrances. Each title, for example, Moschino “Cheap and Chic I Love Love”, is patented and implies a specific composition of specific components, their exact ratio and “cooking method”.And no one has the right to use the same “recipe”. If even the smallestbit of any ingredient was changed, you'll get another product. That's why, identical aromas don't exist. Even the original and the fake perfumes are very different from each other. In this article we'll take a look at Eau de Parfum that are similar to world famous perfumes.

So, “Donna Felice” from Faberlic will remind you of Moschino “Cheap and Chic I Love Love”, “Beauty Cafe” - “Amor Amor”by Cacharel, and Eau De Perfumeby Valentin Yudashkin (Gold) is similar to “Bronze Goddess Capri” from Estee Lauder ...












Why do you need to look for fragrances that are similar to your favorite perfume masterpieces?

  1. Too "strong" scent. Persistence - it's great. But too sweet aroma, even a very pleasant one, is not always appropriate. So, it's better to apply perfumes in the evening: on dates, parties, or to the places with a lot of free space. Within the urban setting, in public transport, in spaces with a lot of people at the same time (offices or classrooms at school), it is better to use Eau de Parfum.
  2. Price. Eau de Parfum from Faberlic is almost 10 times cheaper than original perfumes. And even 1 bottle of Faberlic perfumes can already be purchased at a discounted price.
  3. Tired of it. The same scent sooner or later will bore you. But your perfume shows your character, your essence, mood at the moment and can tell a lot about you. What to do in this case? Use similar aromas. On the one hand, it’s not the same, it's something new, but on the other, it's close to your usual scent. And you won’t need to look too long for something that you'd like.

So, Missoni "Acqua" lovers should buy and try "Faberlic by Valentin Yudashkin Rose".

And for fans of "Dalimania"by Salvador Dali, I advise - "Pont d’Or".

For people who love "Que Viva" Escada - you can buy "Bouquet d’Aurore" Faberlic .

bouquet dauroreThe fragrance of "Poeme" Lancome is similar to "Boquet de Nuit".

boquet de nuit
People, who use Dior's "J'adore" Eau de Toilette will notice it's similarity with "Aora". Smell them to draw your own personal conclusion.

"Faberlic by Alena Akhmadullina" will remind you of "Liaisons Dangereuses" by Kilian.


And the masterpiece "Châteaux de la Loire" can be compared with the "Ferre" Eau de Parfum by Gianfranco Ferre.

"Mon Bouquet" Princesse Marina De Bourbon - Eau de Toilette for Women "Cocktail Story". Penhaligon`s "Peoneve" - resembles “Coquette" Eau de Parfume.









There are fragrances in Faberlic that resemble several world-famous perfumes at once. For example:

"Fantaisie" is similar to 2 perfumes at once:

  • "Green Tea" Elizabeth Arden
  • "Eau Parfumee au The Vert" Bvlgari.

“Fruity Story” Eau de Toilette for Her - resembles 3 fragrances:

  • “Rockin Rio 2011” Escada
  • “Love dance”La Rive
  • “Live Luxe” Jennifer Lopez

“Melodie”by Faberlic will also remind of 3 aromas:

  • “Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia” Gucci
  • “Monday” Al Haramain Perfumes
  • “Viva La Juicy”Juicy Couture

You can buy Eau de Parfum from Fabelic now, no need to go anywhere. To do this, register on the Faberlic website and, following further instructions, place an order for the fragrance you want. There are also samplers for all perfumes.

The remaining 5 "analogues" of branded perfumes:

“Noa” Cacharel - “Intemporel”

“Boss Orange”for women by Hugo Boss - “O Feerique Emotionelle” by Faberlic

feerique emotionelle
“Femme de Montblanc" Montblanc - “O Feerique Sensuelle”

ofeerique sensuelle
Eau De Parfum “Si” Giorgio Armani - Eau de Parfum“Renata”

“Lady Million” for women by Paco Rabanne - Eau de Parfum for women “Urban Legend”

legend women

You can buy Faberlic perfumes here.

After filling out the registration form, you will receive all necessary information to access your personal online account, where you can place an order and choose a convenient delivery point. And also for you a gift from us - 20% discount.

It would be interesting to know.

There are 2 types of perfumery:

  1. American - the fragrance has 1 smell, after it was applied it remains the same.
  2. French (used in Faberlic) - the fragrance is revealed in 3 stages. Immediately after appling on the skin - it's one smell, after a couple of minutes - it's another one and after 15 minutes a perfume trail reveals, this aroma will be on the person the whole remaining time. And besides, on different people the same perfume can reveal in different ways. (!)

Methods of perfume application:

French - spray the fragrance up into the air and come under these spatters so that they fall on your hair.
Also, you can apply the perfume to the eyebrows. Just be careful not to spray the perfume from the bottle into your eyes. You can only use this method with the help of sticks, that could be found, for example, in the Faberlic testers.
Perfumes are applied to pulsating spots - on the neck; at the bend of the arm (where the elbow is).
The fragrance can also be applied on clothes, then it will last there until washing.

Read analogical analysis for men's perfumes in the next article.

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