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Shine even more with Lipglosses from Faberlic

As a rule, every girl has a lip gloss in her makeup bag. The main task of lip gloss is to add sparkle and brilliancy to your lips. They come in different textures, colors and shapes. Lip glosses are easy to use, so teenage and young girls are very fond of them. Most often, you can buy lip gloss in a tube with an applicator, but, for example, in jars or palettes it's less common. There are no special rules in choosing a lip gloss, just rely on your personal preferences and taste.

Faberlic offers the following lines of lip glosses:

  1. Lip gloss "Too Glam" - 4 ml, price 3,59 euros or 3,2 pounds;
  2. Lip gloss "Mirror Volume" - 9 ml, price 2 €;
  3. Lip gloss "#Lollylips" - 8 ml, price 2.5 €;
  4. Lip gloss "Color Energy" - 9,5 ml, price 4.99 € or 4.45 £.

"Too Glam" Lip Gloss

"Too Glam" shiny lip gloss is presented in eight shades in the catalogue (art. 40590-40597). Sparkling particles give radiance to your lips. The texture of lip gloss can be compared to a lip-caring balm, it is just as gentle and moisturizing. A convenient applicator, non-sticky formula, vanilla caramel scent, enriched with Vitamins F and E - it's all about "Too Glam" Lip Gloss. You can also apply lip gloss on top of your lipstick, to add extra shine to your lips. As an option, it can be a transparent shade (art.40593).

catalog 137

"Mirror Volume" Lip Gloss

This line wasn't presented in the catalogue #10, but you can easily order this lip gloss on the Faberlic website. "Mirror Volume" lip gloss will give your lips a glossy shine (art. 41000,41030-41038). Thanks to the applicator, which repeats the shape of the lips, you get perfect application. It is popular with many Faberlic clients. Despite the budget price, this lip gloss pleases with its quality, namely: it's long-lasting, does not stick and moisturizes your lips well. And the "Mirror Volume" line contains more ml per unit than, for example, "Too Glam" or "Lollylips" lines.


#Lollylips Lip gloss

#Lollylips lip gloss line for teenagers with a trendy design (art. 4722,4725,4726,4783,4784) - has a non-sticky texture and gives a richly shining finish. Lip gloss applies conveniently using a sponge-tip applicator, so it evenly covers the lips. #Lollylips lip gloss has a pretty good texture and a pleasant aroma of caramel. Ideal for every day use. Also wasn't presented in the catalogue, but is available for ordering. Faberlic has some products that are not shown in the current catalogue, however, they are in stock. To view all available products, sign in to your personal account - go to "Products".

Lip gloss "Color Energy"

Articles 40454, 40513,40517-40519. It's original design immediately catches the eye - a flat and transparent bottle. This line appeared not so long ago, but has already managed to please many girls. The applicator is convenient, but, as for me, it isn't much different from other lip glosses. There is a small flaw, but it doesn't affect the quality - while screwing the cap, the lip gloss leaks a little from the bottle. The texture is creamy, evenly covers the lips, while visually plumping them up. This lip gloss is non-sticky and is not spreading beyond the lips. Many clients compare the "Color Energy" line with liquid lipsticks, so I, as a fan of lipsticks, prefer this particular lip gloss.

catalog 150
Now the choice is yours. This prices for lip glosses are relevant until July 19, 2020 inclusive, but the cost is always in this pricing policy. Also, there may be some promotions in different catalogues for various products. Follow the link and add radiance to your lips.

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