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Tights – with what to combine, prices, review

It is no secret that when autumn or spring comes, tights become an indispensable attribute in women's wardrobe. And also, regardless of the time of the year, according to the rules of etiquette you can’t come with bare legsto some places, only wearing tights.
Tights are chosen as a complement to basic clothing. With the help of tights, you can both hide some defects of the legs and emphasize their merits. You know by your own experience that a modern woman needs a lot of pantyhose to choose one which will harmonize correctly with clothes and shoes.

With what tights can be combined?

Nude tights and its shades fit for the official, business dress code. Before purchasing, compare them with the color of your skin, and specifically with the shade of your arms skin. Beige tights are best combined with light and colored shoes. It is considered that the most popular color of tights is black, since this color always makes your legs look slimmer and visually masks the flaws. Matte black tights allow you to create a large number of looks with both dresses and skirts. Often the emphasis of young women falls on lace and patterned tights. Choosing them, I advise you to be careful. That is, it is important to maintain the overall style, so that in the whole look there won't be too many patterns (both on tights, and on the dress, and on the bag). Buy an openwork tights as a gentle emphasis of your look.

Faberlic tights review


Faberlic company offers a wide range of tights for every taste: nude, black, with patterns, with geometric motifs, tights with the imitation of golf stockings. You can buy tights of any density from 20 to 250 den. I want to draw your attention to the Italian tights of excellent quality, namely: corrective tights 40 and 70 den, shaping tights 100 den, tights made of cotton with effect of compression 150 den and tights with a pressure distribution 40 and 70 den. I, also, recommend you warm and comfortable cotton leggings 200 den for the winter season.
In Faberlic there are also tights for kids.
I advise you to wash the tights manually with detergent (article 30020 and 30021). Or, in a pinch, in the washing machine on a delicate mode, using special delicates wash bag (article 11044).

Purchase tights - prices

In each catalogue there are promotions for certain products. Sometimes, during such promotions, you can buy tights from 2 euros.
The average price is 5 pounds sterling.
The price for Italian shaping tights is around 9 euros.
Warm tights from 7 to 12 euros.

You can purchase tights with a 20% off by applying for a discount from the company and receive a gift as a new member.

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