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Secondary face care treatment. Masks, scrubs

Additional facial skin care treatmentis just as needed as the main one. After a walk on a windy or a hot day, or after a merry feast, or mom’s sleepless night, the skin looks tired, sometimes it peels, sometimes a rash appears.... It all depends on the skin type and lifestyle. I learned to understand my skin and I know what product will help me in each particular situation. Let's talk more about the types of skin care. Additional skin care treatment includes masks, scrubs, peelings.

Face masks

As for me, face masks are the most irreplaceable products in extra face care treatments. They are divided into several types.

1. Moisturizing and nourishing face masks

Sometimes a face mask can both nourish and moisturize the skin, combined in one tube. I prefer to separate them. Moisturizing face mask is usually not thick, gel, may be easily washed off or removed with napkins.
I like to use them after being on the beach or after walking in the sun. Also, the skin needs hydration during the heating season.
Nutritious masks are thicker, creamier. They are indispensable for weather-beaten skin or after a walk in the cold. The face skin will absorb the mask almost completely.

2. Cleansing masks

These masks have clay in composition, it opens pores perfectly and brightens the skin. I use such masks on certain days of the month when unwanted rashes may appear on my skin.
Little secret: the property of these masks is not to soak into the face skin, but to dry out. In order to not let the mask dry and tighten the skin too much, you can cover it with cling film, having previously cut holes for the eyes and nose. So the effect will be greater and the pores will open better.

3. Peel-Off Masks

It has a sticky gel texture. It dries evenly and peels off like a thin film. Perfectly removes dead cells and blackheads (it's better to apply it in an even layer).

4. Face rolling mask

Another type of masks for removing dead cells, narrowing pores and brightening complexion. Apply in an even layer, it dries slightly and becomes a little denser. Needs to be rolled up on the face in a circular motions.

5. Peeling masks or just peels

Attention!! Do not use for sensitive skin (due to acids in the composition rashes are possible)
The composition includes various acids that saturate the skin with vitamins and cleanses the skin of the keratinized dead cell layer.

6. Heat therapy masks

They have a special composition that when applied to wet skin begins to heat up and perfectly removes everything unnecessary from the pores. After it you can use peeling or scrub.

7. Patch Masks

This is an express skin care. Patch masks are used for quick refreshment and lifting of face skin. There are also patch masks for lips and eyes. Very convenient for traveling and on vacation. Usually do not require rinsing.



Scrubs are as indispensable as masks. Face care treatment with it is faster. It is enough to apply a scrub for a couple of minutes and rinse off with massage movements.The skin will be saturated with oils and vitamins included in the composition.
Do not use if you have acne.

Enzyme peel

What is enzyme? This is a ferment that stimulates various processes in the human body. Indications for use:pigmented spots, post acne marks, oily skin. During the use of enzyme peeling, dead and keratinized skin cells are dissolved with a solution of fruit acids.
For the convenience of applying and usage of these products, I recommend using brushes for masks, sponges, application brushes and massagers.

Use masks and scrubs from Faberlic and be beautiful!

Do you need help in selecting additional skin care treatment? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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