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How clothes affect a child’s future

For starters, as a person with 10-year-old experience of passion for modeling, I want to say that everyone is beautiful. I have often seen how professionals turned a girl or a guy from their ordinary appearance into a "star". Of course, the ability of the person to behave and represent himself is also important (walk, speech, gestures, figure, confidence in the eyes, etc.). However, everyone can emphasize theirown advantages, hide disadvantages and be beautiful. What for? Confident, attractive people achieve more success in life and much faster.
In this article I want to write about self-confidence.
Parents, you have a unique chance precisely during childhood to develop a child’s confidence that he/she is beautiful. And perhaps now you will spend a little more money, but you will save your child from visiting a psychologist in the future in order to get rid of the inferiority complex.

How to develop children’s confidence in their own beauty?

detskaya odegda

  1. Tell your child that she (he) is very beautiful - "You're so sweet", "You are charming", "You are gorgeous", "My beautiful girl"... and so on. If, God forbid, you do not compliment your children, start doing it right now. If, even worse, you constantly tell them that they are ugly and terrible even as a joke - stop it immediately. You simply do not have the right to destroy their personality. They may meet enough people in future who'll tell them that. And hearing such words from the loved ones causes irreparable harm in the formation of child's personality. Let's go further. It is not enough for a girl to hear about her beauty only from her relatives.
  2. It is important from early childhood for a child to hear from others and strangers that she/he is beautiful. It helps to strengthen self-confidence many times. How to get others to compliment your child? It's easy - a chid's appearance, their clothes - stylish, fashionable, nice, cute, unusual and unordinary image.
  3. She looks at herself in the mirror to see how beautiful she is. Get her dressed, do the hair, after completing the image before going out, be sure to let the child to look at herself in the mirror. Tell her: “Look how beautiful you are!” - so that she learns from the childhood to admire herself.

All these actions are important to be constant from early childhood and until she is 18 years old :)).

Once, my 5-year-old daughter periodically started to say things like: "I'm not beautiful." My approach to raising a child is very serious, so naturally I solved this problem. After 2 months and still, she always admires herself while looking in the mirror. When I ask her “Do you know that you are beautiful?”, she replies “Of course.” You can see it in her eyes, in her behavior, the way she walks, in her manners that she is 100% sure that she is a beautiful girl. This increases her self-confidence. Of course, other personal qualities and character are also important. But in this article we will talk only about the beauty theme. So, using the rules outlined above, my child has changed her attitude towards herself.

odegda detiam
Sometimes it’s difficult to create exactly that beautiful look for a child that will distinguish him from others. And often it does not depend on how much money parents have. For example, I don't have a natural sense of fashion and for me it turned out to be a difficult task to choose clothes for a child. After all, in fact, everyone wears "something." And it seems like this “something” is even not bad)). But not always this looks really beautiful or stays noticed. And then Faberlic helped me out.

Children's clothing collections from Faberlic - beauty, style, quality.

platie kidsEverything is simple! Each catalogue I pick some new clothes for her. It can be either a whole image, or one item, even just tights of a new color. Depends on your financial means. Faberlic clothing collections are created by talented designers. They compose ready-to-wear looks. T-shirt, leggings, vest in the same style complementing each other. So that for a beautiful blouse you don't need to look for a suitable skirt. Everything is already matched. It is shown in the photos that exactly for this dress not only white, but also pink tights are suitable (as we had with the blue dress). And indeed, of all options for a blue dress (white, blue, pink and other colors) pink tights looked the best.
When my child comes to the kindergarten in beautiful clothes, with a haircut, her teacher always says to her: "You are so beautiful!... You look like a model!... How cute!...". People on the street notice and often compliment her and this increases her self-confidence.
Faberlic clothing is also high quality. Prints and the form of clothes remain as new. Me personally and all my clients are absolutely satisfied. This is also a huge plus. Of course, I only wash clothes with our Faberlic home series for clothing care.
Price. The pricing policy for the children's collection will pleasantly surprise you. Affordable cost and a 20% discount on all clothes, just issue a discount online for free.

So it’s very simple, just buying clothes from every Faberlic catalogue, we develop in our children confidence about their beauty.

Register at Faberlic right now and buy clothes for kids at a 20% discount. You can look at new collections in the current catalogue. Also, after registration, you will have access to your personal online account, where you can find an even larger assortment of clothing.

May your children always delight you!

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