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Removing makeup. Ode to Faberlic

To get started, let's figure out what kind of product it is. This is a comparatively new invention. There are still quite a few women who haven't tried it yet. Micellar water is a gentle cleanser that removes makeup and any skin impurities while maintaining its hydro-lipid balance, usually does not require rinsing. It has unusual composition, which includes soft cleansing components and it doesn't foam. Usually it's colorless. Plus there are oils, water and special emulsifiers in it.

How to remove long lasting makeup

I've tried different kinds of micellar water. But as for me I wasn't enthused by any of them. And I ordered the Cleansing micellar water for sensitive skin of the Expert Pharma series, article 1668. I was simply impressed with this product. After usage of this micellar water face skin became fresh and moisturized. A sip of cold water on a hot day. The aroma is delicate. Easy to use both at home and while travelin. The product will remove any makeup. Gently removes makeup completely and cares for the skin.
Do not forget about the importance of clean skin, especially at night. Our skin consists of 3 layers. If you apply the cream on top of the remaining makeup, you'll get clogged pores. Because of this, firstly, the cream won't be absorbed into the second layer of the skin and will not work. Accordingly, it will be unable to fulfill its objectives: moisture, smooth wrinkles and so on. Secondly, particles alien to cells are dirt. As a result you can get black spots and not healthy skin.


As for the micellar water specifically from Faberlic:
By cleansing the skin, it moisturizes it and prepares for the further procedures.

The main contained ingredients are:

  1.   AVENACARE Complex ™ - soothes the skin.
  2. Provitamin B5 - moisturizes and smoothes.
  3. Novaftem O2 Oxygen Complex - improves complexion, naturally regenerates skin.

Oxygen. Beautiful skin by the laws of nature!

Oxygen is a vital element that helps the skin to fulfill its vital functions: regenerate, absorb nutrients, and remove “toxins”.

Why does our skin need oxygen and oxygen cosmetics?
Air conditioning, central heating, polluted air, bad habits, an unbalanced diet and a sedentary lifestyle affect the face skin condition.
Deprived of vitality, it looks pale and dull, and a lack of moisturizing provokes the appearance of premature wrinkles ...
Every cell of our skin needs oxygen, without which it can not breathe. With oxygen deficiency, skin cells do not have the strength to renew, regenerate and absorb useful substances.
 Under the effect of oxygen, the skin assimilates nutrients more easily, gets rid of unnecessary metabolic products (the so-called "toxins") and more actively produces its own collagen and elastin.

There are simply no analogues in the market. Since the Faberlic company creates and manufactures everything itself.

Volume: 150 ml.

The funny thing is that for the first time I bought this product by accident. My client was buying a series of products for sensitive skin once again, and together with it, as a special offer, this micellar water could be purchased for 1 euro. She took one, and I took another one for myself just because of the discount. I always had problems with makeup removers. They either provoked burning in the eyes, or were too oily, or did not remove anything at all. And here we have such a superb result in one bottle.

Now it is the best makeup remover for me. I advise everyone to give this miracle product a try.
How wonderful that there is a waterproof series of makeup in Faberlic. With such makeup on you can swim in the sea or pool, get caught in the rain or snow and not be afraid of the running mascara. It will always stay on the eyelashes. But at night this miracle product will come to the rescue.

For who is it especially suitable for:

  • Travelers - convenient to use on the train, in the car, in the forest, no water needed.
  • Make-up artists - no need to take the client to the washbasin. There is no risk that water will wet clothes. With cotton buds you can easily fix makeup.
  • Models - to change the color scheme of eyeshadows and the whole look very fast.
  • Women with sensitive skin - this series is especially gentle in coping with its tasks, given the particularities of this type of skin

Welcome to Faberlic!

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