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Massage is always pleasant and good for the health. The most effective type of massage is acupuncture. This massage method came from the East. But you don't always have opportunity to visit a massage therapist and, especially,have an acupuncture procedure. On the other hand, you can always find time to devote few minutes to your health when you're at home. Therefore, devices for home massage are gaining more and more popularity. Manufacturers have developed many varieties of them. For example: mechanical, roller, electric, manual, etc. it may take a long time to list them all.
Faberlic has released a massage mat, or rather, an Acupuncture massage roller (article: 910012).

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Seductive lips with Faberlic lipsticks

In the creation of a beautiful make-up, lips play an important role. With the help of lipstick, you can make the sensual, passionate, tenderimage. Due to the shade of the lipstick, you can not only draw attention to your lips, but also make people listen to you. For this, bright and dark colors of lipsticks are used. This "trick" is recommended for teachers, lecturers, speakers.

There are many types of lipsticks which differ not only in color and quality, but also in their functional purpose. In the summer of 2020 Faberlic lipsticks are represented by the following lines:

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How to cheerfully teach children about personal hygiene

Children are the joy of life. What a blessing when they are healthy and smiling.

Every mother takes care of her child and therefore often says such phrases:

  • Wash your hands with the soap before meal and after a walk.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • You have to bath to be clean.
  • Don't eat on the street, you have germs on your hands.

And this list can be continued for a long time.

I wish that children would do all this on first demand, and even better by themselves and with pleasure. However, this is not always the case. They can wash their hands without the soap or you just won’t force them to take a bath.

But, there's a way out.

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Faberlic similar to the branded perfumes

Famous French perfumers create fragrances for Faberlic. Namely: Pierre Bourdon, Emilie Coppermann, Delphine Lebeau, Bertrand Duchaufour, Tom Fontaine and others.

These masters of world perfumery have also created and are still creating perfumes for famous fashion houses. Perhaps that is why Faberlic perfumes have so many scents that are similar to fragrances of famous brands.

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Shine even more with Lipglosses from Faberlic

As a rule, every girl has a lip gloss in her makeup bag. The main task of lip gloss is to add sparkle and brilliancy to your lips. They come in different textures, colors and shapes. Lip glosses are easy to use, so teenage and young girls are very fond of them. Most often, you can buy lip gloss in a tube with an applicator, but, for example, in jars or palettes it's less common. There are no special rules in choosing a lip gloss, just rely on your personal preferences and taste.

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Tights – with what to combine, prices, review

It is no secret that when autumn or spring comes, tights become an indispensable attribute in women's wardrobe. And also, regardless of the time of the year, according to the rules of etiquette you can’t come with bare legsto some places, only wearing tights.
Tights are chosen as a complement to basic clothing. With the help of tights, you can both hide some defects of the legs and emphasize their merits. You know by your own experience that a modern woman needs a lot of pantyhose to choose one which will harmonize correctly with clothes and shoes.

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Clothing from Faberlic

Girls like to dress up, to be fashionable and trendy. To select images for a specific event or mood. With Faberlic, everything is possible.
The assortment includes everything that is necessary for any occasion. Underwear, tights from 20 to 200 den, sportswear, office and casual clothes, and most importantly, there are festive clothes and even designer clothes.

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Secondary face care treatment. Masks, scrubs

Additional facial skin care treatmentis just as needed as the main one. After a walk on a windy or a hot day, or after a merry feast, or mom’s sleepless night, the skin looks tired, sometimes it peels, sometimes a rash appears.... It all depends on the skin type and lifestyle. I learned to understand my skin and I know what product will help me in each particular situation. Let's talk more about the types of skin care. Additional skin care treatment includes masks, scrubs, peelings.

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How clothes affect a child’s future

For starters, as a person with 10-year-old experience of passion for modeling, I want to say that everyone is beautiful. I have often seen how professionals turned a girl or a guy from their ordinary appearance into a "star". Of course, the ability of the person to behave and represent himself is also important (walk, speech, gestures, figure, confidence in the eyes, etc.). However, everyone can emphasize theirown advantages, hide disadvantages and be beautiful. What for? Confident, attractive people achieve more success in life and much faster.
In this article I want to write about self-confidence.

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Removing makeup. Ode to Faberlic

To get started, let's figure out what kind of product it is. This is a comparatively new invention. There are still quite a few women who haven't tried it yet. Micellar water is a gentle cleanser that removes makeup and any skin impurities while maintaining its hydro-lipid balance, usually does not require rinsing. It has unusual composition, which includes soft cleansing components and it doesn't foam. Usually it's colorless. Plus there are oils, water and special emulsifiers in it.

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