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The historical roots of Faberlic

The leading company Faberlic was established in 1997. At that time Alexey Nechaev bought a patent for a unique component - Aquaftem and created the company "Russian Line", which began to produce oxygen skin care products. Direct sales were chosen as the method of product sales. This was the first company in post-Soviet countries to conduct such marketing.

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4 years later, the company entered the world market and was renamed Faberlic, which means - a master of the face. The range of unique products was expanding rapidly and now it consists of more than 1000 items. Faberlic's huge advantage among other companies is its own production and Center for Research and Development.
Since 2011, Faberlic has decided to become a lifestyle company. Now the goal is to sell not only cosmetics and perfumes, but also other unique products. Faberlic merged with Infinum, Edelstar (environmentally friendly home care products and health products), Sengara (anti-aging cosmetics and personal care products). Now Faberlic’s range features premium class dishware, children's clothing, underwear, tights etc. And in the future this list will expand.
In addition to producing unique high-quality products, thefounder and president of Faberlic aims to create a comfortable environment for Faberlic consultants so that everyone feels happy. Therefore, the company offers the best marketing plan for its employees, and also helps to achieve personal development as an individual. In 2011, Faberlic created the Human Development School.

In its work, the company adheres to the following principles:

1. To be a patriot - to value your homeland, roots, traditions.
2. Become financially independent.
3. Sell unique products andimplement the best offers.
4. Lead a healthy lifestyle.
5. Constantly maintain personal development, and improve the world around you.

Faberlic competently conducts it’s policy and always shows improved results.
Growth - is a Faberlic trend.

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