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Oxygen skin care products by Faberlic

As a result - perfect skin at any age!

Makeup from Faberlic

Spectacular looks - it’s easy!

Biodegradable and eco-friendly detergents by Faberlic

The sparkling cleanliness of your home!

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Business of your dreams

Unlimited possibilities with Faberlic!

Starting program –receive gifts for your first orders

Faberlic offers new consultants a unique opportunityto receive its products as a gift 9 times in a row. The total benefit will be € 238. Order products from each catalogue and enjoy nice gifts. It is not necessary to make the whole purchase in one invoice, the total amount paid during one catalogue campaign is taken into account.

Conditions of the starting program:

For the first order the conditions may vary. Check them on the main page of the official web site or ask a consultant (feedback) or you will receive a notification after registering with Faberlic. This promotion is called the "New Representative Program".

Starting from the 2nd step, the value of orders remains the same according to the conditions - 36 euros or 72 euros. If you place orders worth 72 € (this amount is already with a discount (at the warehouse price) during one catalogue, you will receive a set of fine hit products for 1.99 €, and if your order worth 36 € - for 5.99 €. You need to participate in each next step without interruption, and order total may vary in each period. The difference between the price of the catalogue and the one for which you'll buy all the gifts will be from 238 €. And this is the way to save your budget or receive an additional income.


The first gift is always different (read the New Representative Program).

Step 2 2020 en

Step 2 (2nd catalogue period from the moment of your registration) - 2 gifts for easy washing. The non-phosphate laundry detergent and stain remover will make your clothes clean and bright. You can choose a laundry detergent: for colored fabrics or universal.

Step 3 - 3 creams for your individual face skin. This is a combination series. You choose an elixir that will make the result you’ve wanted. Mix this elixir with a base cream. Then apply to the face. Also there is an eye cream. And the whole face looks perfect.


Step 4 - a set of cosmetics for daily skin care. You can choose one of the four sets from the basic Air Stream series. Cleansing, toning, balance - in the morning and evening - will make your skin look always beautiful, healthy, well-groomed and velvety.


Step 5 - a set of decorative cosmetics. You can get a lipstick, mascara, eye pencil and foundation cream of your choice. For each product you can choose the shade you like. This decorative cosmetics will help create the desired look.

6 shag

Step 6 - eco-friendly household products. To make everything flicker with cleanliness, and the cleaning itself to become a pleasure - get this gift. Oven cleaner and metal surface cleaning cream will clean up your kitchen. Cleaners for bathrooms and toilets will bring crystal cleanliness to these places. And the fifth item in this set will delight you with the reflection in a perfectly clean mirror.

7 shag

Step 7 - set of the "Expert" series creams for skin renewal. Stage 1 - AHA acids remove the connections between cells in the upper layer of the skin. At the next stage Enzymatic Micro-peel removes old unnecessary cells. The restoration cream completes the procedure. As the result - a lightened, smooth and “shining” face.

8 shag

Step 8 - 4 luxurious products of decorative cosmetics for spectacular make-up. Mascara, lipstick, Double Style foundation cream, nail polish of the best Faberlic line "Best scenario". Lipstick penetrates the lips, making them look well-groomed, and it seems that this is your natural lip color. With this mascara, you can achieve lush lashes from the first application. The foundation cream tightly covers all minor imperfections. Bright nail polish will add some twist. You can choose the shades of the nail polish and lipstick.

Start 9 05 2019 en

The 9th, final, step - it's men's and women's perfumes, as well as perfumed shower gels from this collection. Fresh, light, graceful aromas will complement your image and emphasize your personality. Eau de parfum for women 50 ml and Eau de toilette for men 100 ml are a nice gift for only 1.99 €.

Appreciate all the benefits of Faberlic products right now. You'll get all of this as a gift!

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